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Thank you for taking part in Post Yagya Survey. This feedback helps us determining how we are doing and how we can do better and better. We learn from your survey and we may change or improve our patterns of performances based on your feedbacks. The feedbacks are also passed to staffs and Pandits to appreciate their work and efforts for your betterment. Your feedback may be used in our Yagya Testimonials to share your experiences with Yagya and to increase confidence on Yagya for people who are not aware of it. On the next screen you will see a promo code that gives you the possibility to book a consultation with out Astrology Professors free of cost (Usual Fee $150). In this consultation you may learn how to act to get best of Yagya and how and when to expect results of Yagya.

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Astrology ...

"I had a consultation with Dr. Bhagwat Thakur ...

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