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What is Astrology Tour ?
What is 'Knowledge on Move' Program ?

Ved Bhawan is the organization of professors and scholars. But knowledge becomes cursed when not used in welfare of society. Thinking this, Ved Bhawan has initiated a program called - Knowledge on Move.

So far you have enjoyed only knowledge of the Astrologers an Pandits who are available in your region as you can't travel far to look for knowledgeable experts. But for the first time in the world we have adopted the motto to move these scholars out of their offices so that everyone can get benefited of their knowledge, intelligence and specialty. Ved Bhawan moves 20 Professors at a time through the major cities of the world in rotation. These professors gives courses on Hindi, Sanskrit, Vedic Astrology, Hinduism & Karmakand and also give Astrology Consultations during their 10 days stay in your city. Some of them are all-rounder and give lessons and courses of Sanskrit, Hindi, Vedic Astrology, Karmakand & Hinduism while some give only courses on Vedic Astrology. As they don't stay long time in your area, the program is structured to complete a course intensively in an un-traditional and modern strategy. The benefit of this program is that you don't have to travel far or even you don't have to spend anything more to get a lesson or a consultation with a professor coming in your neighborhood.

The expert of Ved Bhawan visits for minimum 10 days and everyday consultations are provided to interested people from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs. This 1.5 hrs consultation costs $150 irrespective to the country. A Yagya Recommendation is provided free of cost. A Yagya Recommendation is also provided free of cost to those people who don't want consultation but want to do Yagya. Book Now

Home Consultations
The professor can also visit your home / office to give consultations and you have 3 hours to ask anything. You can check multiple horoscopes in this time without extra cost. This consultation costs $400 irrespective to the country. A Yagya Recommendation is also provided free of cost to those people who don't want consultation but want to do Yagya.

In these 10 days 1 Level of a course is taught. Everyday 1 lessons of 3 hours shall be given. So in 3 visits all 3 Levels (Primary A, Intermidiate B and Advanced C) are taught and examination is taken. The gap between 3 visits allows the students to exercise the lessons they have learnt intensively. 1 or more courses may be selected from Astrology, Sanskrit, Hindi, Karmakand & Hinduism. A complete course costs $1700 or equivalent and 1 Niveau of 10 lessons costs $700 or equivalent. These lessons are given in the evening hours from 18.00 or 19.00 so that also working people can participate. Book Now

Capsule Courses
In a Capsule Course the whole course is rendered in 10 days as 5 hours per day lessons. These lessons are given at the home of student without additional costs. This is speedy course and to follow this, one needs to be graduate from a university and needs to have good learning stamina and at least 110 score of IQ. This course makes it possible to learn a language or a subject just in 10 days. The course costs $3000. Any subject can be taught in Capsule Course.  Book Now

Private Lessons
The professor visits your home  / office to give you lessons. These are 3 hour lessons for any subject in any country and cost $400. 1 students can participate free of cost in private lessons. Booking 5 lessons together is yet cheaper. Book Now

Courses & Consult available in
North America
New York, Washington, Chicago, Fairfield, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Mexico City

Latin America
Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Monte Video, Santiago  

London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Leicester, Leeds, Derby, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Lucern, Zurich, Salzburg, Vienna, Milan, Rome, Paris, Lyon, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Malta, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Prague, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Zagreb, Budapest, Belgrade, Kiev.

Cape Town, Mauritius, Nairobi.

New Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Bengaluru, Ahamdabad, Chennai, Trivendrum, Kathmandu, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Auckland, Christ Church.  

Interested to call a Professor ?
Ved Bhawan welcomes partners and people who wish to call our experts in their cities. We have different kinds of arrangements where you can not only follow a free course but also earn by each visit. Please write  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us any time.

Call: 24 x 7 Telephone | +1 646 395 9696  | +44 20 8133 5343 or come on our 24 x 7 Live Chat


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