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What is a Kundli-Match or Love-Match?
Marriage is the top subject after economy in the whole world for which a person approaches to an astrologer. However it becomes first priority as money has to make only with you while marriage has to make with to people together. In this world, where 2 people are never same, is a great talk of combination, adjustments and living for each other. When you fall in love, your expectation gets high and you get over confident about the person. Then you have only one goal to get him / her in your life (let us say in your pocket). When the personal is completely yours then you start analyzing about him / her with time. Now you find several things those are not present in his character and attitude and those according to you, should be. Moreover, if a person loves you now, not necessarily shall love tomorrow too, if you get handicapped or if you loose all properties you have now. The attitude of a person changes with time and situations. You can take every care at present and in deciding his / her external character, but there are still 2 important factors where only an astrologer can help you. these are - 1. Internal character and 2. Future changes of attitudes. These are the reasons why a match making becomes necessary before you start a relation. In my opinion, think good before you love so that you don't have to think after love. In this match making we present you all your questions answered to help you getting married and maintaining a good marital life.

Planetary Match
Both of your's horoscopes and planets are analyzed how compatible they are. Planets have influences on the happenings and luck factors. They also combine some specific Yoga (+) and Dosha (-). There are thousands of Yogas they make you happy and prosperous after marriage and that we calculate and predict as highlights while there are also hundreds of doshas they are compulsory to analyzed before marriage as they form problems in your marital life. Mangalik dosha is the most popular as more than 60% people are mangalik in which you have chances to get your partner lost or die. there are also widowhood doashas or poisoned-girl dosha. These problems and solutions are analyzed in planetary compatibility check.
Venus plays a vital role in love and marriage while Mars plays roles in fights and breakage. Saturn plays role in misunderstanding and breakage while Rahu can provoke up to criminal attempt. Mars and Venus together can normally provoke for un-loyality towards partner and illegal sex, Ketu makes you over-spiritual and breaks marriage. Jupiter balances and Mercury confuses. Moon is the only planets which either helps or remains neutral in marriage.

Nakshatra Match
This is basically Nakshatra (constellations, stars) Compatibility. It has influences on both of your's character and consequent chances. It can have good and bad influences on your physical and metal compatibility and therefore are widely used in Vedic Astrology. We use however both system (Planets and Ashta Guna) together as Veda says and as it is necessary for a perfect conclusion. 8 specific elements those are dependant on your birth constellation, are digitally analyzed and indicate the compatibility score. The total points are 36 while if your compatibility scores 20 and above, then acceptable, 24+ is good. 28+ is very rare. A high score point doesn't say that your marriage is good, if you don't have good planetary compatibility too. So you need to have both compatible. In the chart below, you will find the 8 elements & maximum points. If you have less than 36 points, you certainly have a Dosha and that is normal, but an astrologer has to decide how heavy the dosha is. As an indication how high the max. point, that heavy the dosha, if you fail to acquire that many points. The dosha, those don't allow marriage, we have marked in red.

Understanding Match-Making



Influence Areas Impact Area if not compatible


Generation, Blood The child can be handicapped, blood problems, allergies, irritations


Thoughts and behavior Partners will not agreed on important points / decisions


Nature, Attitude Style of living can create fights and can cause breakage
Graha Maitri


Future scenarios, events Future events can create problems in both lives


Sex Sexually weak relation


Luck Lack of nature support and success


Dominance, Adjustments Partners can't live together for long time


Ideals, Attitudes Ideals and attitudes shall have difference and shall cause fights

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