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Comprehensive Horoscope Interpretation

What is a Comprehensive Horoscope Interpretation?
This is a traditional method of horoscope interpretation. In this, the astrologer invests his several days researches and studies about the horoscope and writes down the predictions and interpretations. The specialty of a Horoscope Interpretation is that the predictions are made for whole life and in written whether it is for a child or for an old man. The benefit is that you have idea of your whole life and ups and downs. Now you can plan your life much better than you do in being in dark.  In this work your horoscope is cast, analyzed and interpreted  as per your selected topics. All areas of life are here covered, such as Health, Finances, Education, Career, Job, Business, Property, Travel, Profession, Love, Marriage, Family, Children, Illnesses, weaknesses, losses, profits, accidents, un-natural death, fate, karma and spiritual achievements. All possible questions are automatically answered. They will give you advice how to get best in a particular period, when you should keep calm in wrong time and when you should make more efforts for your success in favorable time. They will also advise how to prevent losses and problems and eventually a remedy for eliminating / minimizing problems.


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Horoscope shows you the coming event of your life so that you can prepare for success and can prevent failures, obstructions and losses. Knowing something in advance helps you planning your time well and helps you keeping patience and waiting for good time too. Therefore it is recommended for everyone to get a horoscope interpretation made once in a life.  We present here 4 models, A, B, C & D. Model A contents everything in detail that one can have in his horoscope. Model D is the shortest and is only meant for very basic information. Please mind that a prediction made on basis of short horoscope may change in Royal Horoscope because how deep the astrologer goes, that accurate he gets the results and predictive clues. Therefore wise astrologers don't take risk in predicting on smaller horoscope. Making horoscope interpretations is a work of 5 to 40 hours and is delivered in 2 to 10 days and this is done manually by the Astrologers.



Horoscope Items

Short D

Standard C

Large B

Royal A

Horoscope contains a lot of calculations. How deep the calculations are, that exact the predictions shall be. A maximum of 300 pages of calculations can be made in a horoscope. Calculation Pages

20 Pages

40 Pages

80 Pages

120 Pages

Highlights of full life is given in this basic interpretations. Basic Predictions

This helps analysing different things of your life more accurately. For example your health or illnesses but also the capability of a particular body-part, your partern, children, fate and fortune, profession, carrier and family members. Shodash Varga Prediction

This says more over the potential of the planets for a particular problem or a success. For example, how good or bad your partner shall be ? How much money you will earn ? How successful you will be and to what extent you illness will be.  Ashtakvarga Predictions

Detailed Planetary Analysis

Detailed House Analysis

Detailed Raj-Yogas Analysis

Detailed Longevity Analysis

Classical References

2 Level Dasha Predictions

3 Level Dasha Predictions

Detailed Transit Predictions

Sarhesati Data & Predictions

Mangalik Dosha Predictions

Karma Analysis

Dosha's & Predictions

Medical Horoscope

Spiritual Horoscope

Present Questions Answered

Interpretation by 2 Astrologers

Astrologers at Ved Bhawan are always a Post-Graduate in Astrology from a university. They are still devided in 5 categories from A to E. All are capable and experienced for Horoscope interpretations but you have here a choise to get it done by one of our world top 20 Astrology Professors who have got comperatively more knowledge, skills and success-rates and who are in India and Europe, America, equally popular.  Interpretations by Grade A Astrologers

Detailed Personality Analysis

The predictions will be made for whole life as per Dasha and Antardasha. This means the periods shall be predicted in the range of months.  Rashmi Predictions

The predictions will be made for whole life as per Dasha and Antardasha. This means the periods shall be predicted in the range of dates. Past Life Analysis

Future Life Analysis

Astrological Terms Explanations

Yagya Recommendation

Gemstone Recommendation

Free Muhurta

Free Consult

  Total Number of pages

30 Pages

70 Pages

120 Pages

200 Pages







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Get a complete translation of your horoscope so that you can understand everyhting of your horoscope correctly, if you are not well in English.

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You can add a consultation with Astrologer Personally (in selected  countries), via Online Live Chat or on Telephone. He will explain you all major points and clarify you if youy don't understand something.

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