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Lord Krishna was born this day and therefore it is called Krishna Janmashtami. A widely celebrated festival for all who believe in Krishna and is almighty. Krishna was 100% incarnation out of the 10 and therefore was most powerful, decisive and victorious. He played important role in Mahabharat and gave his knowledge through Geeta. Krishna is known for Yoga and sankhya and is worshiped by billions of people in India and abroad. No need to mention that doing Yagya today extends results in all areas. Doing Yagya today is very powerful and effective for all purposes.  

  • For success & prosperity in life
  • For spiritual power, motivation & siddhiFor Power, self-confidence & courage
  • For memory & wisdom
  • For stress removal
  • For knowledge & enlightenment
  • good health and prevention of health problems
  • For Saving form dangers, evils and ghosts
  • For saving love or marriage
  • For good communication, for understandings & harmony in marital life
  • For help or victory in court cases
  • For help in spiritual motivation of children
  • For improving business, specially winning rivals
  • For family welfare and peace

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