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High Capacity Yagya is to help people achieve their higher goals faster, or to address a complex issue intensively. This method has been developed by scholars at Ved Bhawan to accelerate the results of Traditional Yagyas to help faster and helping multiple individuals at a time. These Yagyas use a different and complex technique than tradition of performing Yagyas which results in much higher results, which has the capacity to address complex issues that couldn't be addressed by traditional Yagya performances, therefore it is called High Capacity Yagya which is only performed by Ved Bhawan.  

We conduct High Capacity (HC) Yagyas using a unique and un-paralleled system of performing Yagyas for Accelerated Benefits in critical and heavy problems or for heavier protection, faster results, group protection or benefits, for a group of people, society, company, village or a country. These Yagyas are aimed for significant benefits with regard to quantity and time and can be done for a single person or for a family or group. These Yagyas involve 10 to 100 times more work and therefore are more expensive than standard Yagyas.

 High Capacity Yagyas work on Auto-Acceleration Theory         Planets drive our lives, thinkings and behaviors

High Capacity Yagyas were introduced by Ved Bhawan in 2007. These are the bigger form of traditionally performed Yagyas in which the mantra quantity gets sometimes even 100 time more. Learning from the theory of colors where 4 colors CMYK - make 16 million combinations, our scholars did 10 years (1997-2007) research and found certain ways to combine particular Mantras and Stotra with each other that could help address problems sharper and faster than the traditional system of Yagyas. There are hundreds of mantras and stotras and they can create thousands of combinations. Our scholars have combined 800 most important combinations that can help you for almost all purposes of your life. These are named High Capacity Yagyas. Like any other remedial system when a remedy applies to the individual who gets it (like a medicine), in case of Yagya there are different possibilities and requirements. As Yagya is a technique to increase good karma so that your bad karma can be enveloped and you can clear your ways to peace and success, you sometimes need a Yagya that helps more than an individual and faster. A standard Yagya as it is done for the person, influences only to that person. In a High Capacity Yagya the mantras are several times higher those can cover a group of people like family, company and even a society. At the same time a bigger target needs bigger energy and traditional Yagya are often to weak to help in big desires or problems. Doing a High Capacity Yagya makes sure that you have more than sufficient remedy at place to cover bigger problems and desires. 

High Capacity Yagya | Success Stories

" I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support during all the Yagyas performed for the benefit of my son. The (criminal) charges were reduced to misdemeanors and he was able to get back to the University."                             -----  Requel, Philadelphia, USA (2011)

"The seller changed his mind again last night and decided to go forward with the deal. We signed the paperwork last night as planned, I am now 20% owner. The deal went through and it is done! Great news and definitely a Yagya miracle!"    ----- Annyes, Malibu, USA (2011)

High Capacity Yagya Lists

Ved Bhawan does more than 800 High Capacity Yagyas for different purposes. These Yagyas are classified in different Lists for different areas. For example a High Capacity Yagya List for Planets can be viewed So you can find Yagyas for different purposes in different lists. These Lists are not open to public. You need to be already our client or member to get access here or call or visit our Live Chat 24 x 7 where our experts can help you finding a Suitable High Capacity Yagya for your purpose or desire. 

Cost of High Capacity Yagyas

The costs of Yagya depends on high big your desire or problem is. The basic theory of Yagya is to create good karma by prayers and Yagya Performances so that your bad karma should be covered by the newly generated good karma and your obstacles to success can be removed or minimized. Therefore you need to have appropriate quantity of mantras and thus appropriately high number of Pandits and days during which a High Capacity Yagya is Performed.

Against the fee that you pay for Yagya we Pay the performing Pandits on daily basis as well as their foods, cloths, Yagya materials and the daily rent of the temple where Yagya ceremony takes place. For example if 15 Pandits are participating in your Yagya then you pay 15 x $15 (In India) = $225 per day to the Pandits and the rest for all other arrangements. A High Capacity Yagya for a Planet costs hence $950 while other High Capacity Yagyas cost $3450 or above inclusive of all.  

How to book a High Capacity Yagya

To book a High Capacity Yagya you can call (see telephone numbers on this site) our experts or come on our 27 x 7 live chat where our experts can guide you through selecting a High Capacity Yagya to booking paying for that. If you are already a client / member of Ved Bhawan you can view the High Capacity Yagya Lists (with help of your user name and password) and book them yourself. As High Capacity Yagya uses protected techniques of Ved Bhawan and as our stuffs are being copied by everyone, we do not display these Yagya Lists to public or non-members. A potential client may ask the contents of Yagyas that we will do for you as you have right to know this in advance. You may be asked to pay a deposit (to prove yourself potential and to protect our work) which shall be adjusted in Yagya Price. 

High Capacity Yagya is a trade name of Ved Bhawan Inc (also called Ved Bhawan or Ved Bhawan International). Ved Bhawan has developed this unique system of performing Yagyas for higher outcome and results. Ved Bhawan's scholars have developed this system after 10 years (1997-2007)  studies and research and having analyzed the results of these Yagyas on clients. Since 2007 Ved Bhawan is doing High Capacity Yagyas (also called HC Yagya) with almost no complaint. Ved Bhawan reserves its right on this technique and doesn't share it with anyone. Ved Bhawan has never authorized, affiliated or licensed to anyone to perform this Yagya. These Yagyas may only be advertised, displayed and booked on Ved Bhawan's websites, such as:, etc. Any un-authorized use of this specific name - "High Capacity Yagya" - either as word or as logo -  shall be deemed as un-authorized use in bad faith and shall be the matter of prosecution. 

User Rating:  / 6

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