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High Capacity (HC) Yagyas™ are specially framed for big purposes and big targets. Like a goat and an elephant have different doses of their feeds, your different targets require different and relative approaches too. For example you can go to your local shopping on bicycle; but going New York to Tokyo by bicycle proves to be unpractical. Standard Yagyas help someone who earns $5000 a month and he wants to double his income with help of Yagya and extra efforts. But this is not same as you have a business of $10 Million turnover and you want to increase your revenue. Both situations are for improvement in income but they significantly need different kind and quantity of energy and luck. Therefore is High Capacity Yagya. Here we do high quantity, complex rituals to expect high results........   

 When do you require a High Capacity Yagya for Business ?

  • When you have more than $60000 per year revenue
  • When more than 1 person is involved in business
  • When you expect higher range of income or growth, such as in Millions
  • When the matter of of mass service or production
  • When government is involved
  • When you run in big crisis
  • When you get conflicts for business
  • When you want to start a business involving more than 1 person
  • When you need to prevent big financial losses or punishments



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