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High Capacity Yagyas™ is Ved Bhawan's dynamic method to perform Complex and Huge Yagyas for more than 1200 specific purposes meant for complex problems, emergencies, much bigger outcomes, faster help, high profile people, group of people, businesses, companies, societies and nations. As a lot of days and number of Pandits are involved to reach the quantity of results, the costs too go relatively high. The mechanisms to do these Yagyas are very different, Complex & Effective compared to simple traditional Yagyas. High Capacity Yagyas™ is a worldwide registered trademark (with reg. no. 5,093,842/2010) of Ved Bhawan International. The High Capacity Yagya Lists are our secret methodology and therefore are largely not displayed to the public and duplicators but only to registered, approved and logged-in members. If you can see this warning that means you are not viewing the complete lists of High Capacity Yagyas. If you believe that you need and can pay these Yagyas, please visit our 24x7 LIVE CHAT or call us for a Free Yagya Recommendation



Astrology (6)

Comprehensive Horoscope Interpretation

What is a Comprehensive Horoscope Interpretation?
This is a traditional method of horoscope interpretation. In this, the astrologer invests his several days researches and studies about the horoscope and writes down the predictions and interpretations. The specialty of a Horoscope Interpretation is that the predictions are made for whole life and in written whether it is for a child or for an old man. The benefit is that you have idea of your whole life and ups and downs. Now you can plan your life much better than you do in being in dark.  In this work your horoscope is cast, analyzed and interpreted  as per your selected topics. All areas of life are here covered, such as Health, Finances, Education, Career, Job, Business, Property, Travel, Profession, Love, Marriage, Family, Children, Illnesses, weaknesses, losses, profits, accidents, un-natural death, fate, karma and spiritual achievements. All possible questions are automatically answered. They will give you advice how to get best in a particular period, when you should keep calm in wrong time and when you should make more efforts for your success in favorable time. They will also advise how to prevent losses and problems and eventually a remedy for eliminating / minimizing problems.


Assemble your Comprehensive Horoscope Interpretations here
Horoscope shows you the coming event of your life so that you can prepare for success and can prevent failures, obstructions and losses. Knowing something in advance helps you planning your time well and helps you keeping patience and waiting for good time too. Therefore it is recommended for everyone to get a horoscope interpretation made once in a life.  We present here 4 models, A, B, C & D. Model A contents everything in detail that one can have in his horoscope. Model D is the shortest and is only meant for very basic information. Please mind that a prediction made on basis of short horoscope may change in Royal Horoscope because how deep the astrologer goes, that accurate he gets the results and predictive clues. Therefore wise astrologers don't take risk in predicting on smaller horoscope. Making horoscope interpretations is a work of 5 to 40 hours and is delivered in 2 to 10 days and this is done manually by the Astrologers.



Horoscope Items

Short D

Standard C

Large B

Royal A

Horoscope contains a lot of calculations. How deep the calculations are, that exact the predictions shall be. A maximum of 300 pages of calculations can be made in a horoscope. Calculation Pages

20 Pages

40 Pages

80 Pages

120 Pages

Highlights of full life is given in this basic interpretations. Basic Predictions

This helps analysing different things of your life more accurately. For example your health or illnesses but also the capability of a particular body-part, your partern, children, fate and fortune, profession, carrier and family members. Shodash Varga Prediction

This says more over the potential of the planets for a particular problem or a success. For example, how good or bad your partner shall be ? How much money you will earn ? How successful you will be and to what extent you illness will be.  Ashtakvarga Predictions

Detailed Planetary Analysis

Detailed House Analysis

Detailed Raj-Yogas Analysis

Detailed Longevity Analysis

Classical References

2 Level Dasha Predictions

3 Level Dasha Predictions

Detailed Transit Predictions

Sarhesati Data & Predictions

Mangalik Dosha Predictions

Karma Analysis

Dosha's & Predictions

Medical Horoscope

Spiritual Horoscope

Present Questions Answered

Interpretation by 2 Astrologers

Astrologers at Ved Bhawan are always a Post-Graduate in Astrology from a university. They are still devided in 5 categories from A to E. All are capable and experienced for Horoscope interpretations but you have here a choise to get it done by one of our world top 20 Astrology Professors who have got comperatively more knowledge, skills and success-rates and who are in India and Europe, America, equally popular.  Interpretations by Grade A Astrologers

Detailed Personality Analysis

The predictions will be made for whole life as per Dasha and Antardasha. This means the periods shall be predicted in the range of months.  Rashmi Predictions

The predictions will be made for whole life as per Dasha and Antardasha. This means the periods shall be predicted in the range of dates. Past Life Analysis

Future Life Analysis

Astrological Terms Explanations

Yagya Recommendation

Gemstone Recommendation

Free Muhurta

Free Consult

  Total Number of pages

30 Pages

70 Pages

120 Pages

200 Pages







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Comprehensive Horoscope Interpretations

What is a Kundli-Match or Love-Match?
Marriage is the top subject after economy in the whole world for which a person approaches to an astrologer. However it becomes first priority as money has to make only with you while marriage has to make with to people together. In this world, where 2 people are never same, is a great talk of combination, adjustments and living for each other. When you fall in love, your expectation gets high and you get over confident about the person. Then you have only one goal to get him / her in your life (let us say in your pocket). When the personal is completely yours then you start analyzing about him / her with time. Now you find several things those are not present in his character and attitude and those according to you, should be. Moreover, if a person loves you now, not necessarily shall love tomorrow too, if you get handicapped or if you loose all properties you have now. The attitude of a person changes with time and situations. You can take every care at present and in deciding his / her external character, but there are still 2 important factors where only an astrologer can help you. these are - 1. Internal character and 2. Future changes of attitudes. These are the reasons why a match making becomes necessary before you start a relation. In my opinion, think good before you love so that you don't have to think after love. In this match making we present you all your questions answered to help you getting married and maintaining a good marital life.

Planetary Match
Both of your's horoscopes and planets are analyzed how compatible they are. Planets have influences on the happenings and luck factors. They also combine some specific Yoga (+) and Dosha (-). There are thousands of Yogas they make you happy and prosperous after marriage and that we calculate and predict as highlights while there are also hundreds of doshas they are compulsory to analyzed before marriage as they form problems in your marital life. Mangalik dosha is the most popular as more than 60% people are mangalik in which you have chances to get your partner lost or die. there are also widowhood doashas or poisoned-girl dosha. These problems and solutions are analyzed in planetary compatibility check.
Venus plays a vital role in love and marriage while Mars plays roles in fights and breakage. Saturn plays role in misunderstanding and breakage while Rahu can provoke up to criminal attempt. Mars and Venus together can normally provoke for un-loyality towards partner and illegal sex, Ketu makes you over-spiritual and breaks marriage. Jupiter balances and Mercury confuses. Moon is the only planets which either helps or remains neutral in marriage.

Nakshatra Match
This is basically Nakshatra (constellations, stars) Compatibility. It has influences on both of your's character and consequent chances. It can have good and bad influences on your physical and metal compatibility and therefore are widely used in Vedic Astrology. We use however both system (Planets and Ashta Guna) together as Veda says and as it is necessary for a perfect conclusion. 8 specific elements those are dependant on your birth constellation, are digitally analyzed and indicate the compatibility score. The total points are 36 while if your compatibility scores 20 and above, then acceptable, 24+ is good. 28+ is very rare. A high score point doesn't say that your marriage is good, if you don't have good planetary compatibility too. So you need to have both compatible. In the chart below, you will find the 8 elements & maximum points. If you have less than 36 points, you certainly have a Dosha and that is normal, but an astrologer has to decide how heavy the dosha is. As an indication how high the max. point, that heavy the dosha, if you fail to acquire that many points. The dosha, those don't allow marriage, we have marked in red.

Understanding Match-Making



Influence Areas Impact Area if not compatible


Generation, Blood The child can be handicapped, blood problems, allergies, irritations


Thoughts and behavior Partners will not agreed on important points / decisions


Nature, Attitude Style of living can create fights and can cause breakage
Graha Maitri


Future scenarios, events Future events can create problems in both lives


Sex Sexually weak relation


Luck Lack of nature support and success


Dominance, Adjustments Partners can't live together for long time


Ideals, Attitudes Ideals and attitudes shall have difference and shall cause fights

Astrology & Vedic Professors


What is an Astrologer ? Where is Astrology Education ?
Astrology education is given at more than 9 universities and 5000 colleges throughout India. However this education is not given outside India at all. Therefore a major part of public outside India doesn't know about it. In India this subject is taught by the government at the universities specialized in 13 traditional Sanskrit subjects and called Sanskrit Universities. These 13 Sanskrit Subjects include Ayurveda, Veda and Yoga too. These subjects are taught from the middle school, high school and further at the college and universities. After completing Post-Graduation in Astrology one gets a degree os Jyotish Acharya (MA Astrology) awarded. Thereafter you can also do Ph.D. in Astrology. A person having studied Jyotish Acharya and passed the examination is authorized to be an astrologer or an astrology teacher. There are thousands of scholars in and outside India who have got this academic qualification. But they still don't count more than 5% in the astrologers practicing astrology in India and abroad. This means 95% of the Astrologers haven't studied astrology but they just exercise this without such qualification and authorization. Some of them write honorary title such as Jyotish Samrat etc and some buy non-academic titles of Jyotish-Acharya. Several people have become astrologer without having learned it and some claim that they have learnt it from some (fake) Baba or Sage, what is not true. Ved Bhawan condemns this type of malpractice and encourages the astrologers who have studied this subject. There is a major fact that Astrologers from the universities hardly know some words of English while so called astrologer who make English website hardly know some words of Sanskrit. That means that majority of People (98%) who promote themselves as astrologer and who speak English, are not really a Sanskrit Scholar or an astrologer. At the same time the real astrologers in India remain in their villages and can't promote themselves due to lack of English knowledge and knowledge of websites or technology. Ved Bhawan brings these scholars forward by providing them platform. Anyway, Vedas and Astrology were not written in English but in Sanskrit, so we have to prefer Sanskrit Scholars.     

Selection of Astrologers & Pandits at Ved Bhawan
Ved Bhawan has a method and procedure for appointment of a salaried or freelance astrologer. Astrologers are pointed to give lessons, to give consultations and to write articles in our magazine , books or on websites. As this all has to make with knowledge, we have several barriers to check the knowledge whom we are going to appoint on these responsible post. The astrologers are selected by newspaper advertisements or by interviews at Sanskrit Colleges were several students finish their university study. Besides the degree we also check whether the person also know what he has on papers. Then we take practical tests and finally we train the astrologers to be able to give meaningful consultations and useful advises to the clients. The astrologers are classified in 6 Grades (from A to F) based on their qualifications, experiences, knowledge, intelligence and success-rates. These grades define the job profile of astrologer and the wages that he enjoys. Astrologers with A, B, C, Grade only, are authorized. to give consultations or lessons to our clients outside India.

Classification of Astrologers
The astrologers are classified in 6 Grades (from A to F) based on their qualifications, experiences, knowledge, intelligence and success-rates. These grades define the job profile of astrologer and the wages that he enjoys. Astrologers with A, B, C, Grade only, are authorized. to give consultations or lessons to our clients outside India.


Astrologers Grade A

Astrologers Grade B

Astrologers Grade C

>> Jyotish Acharya + Ph.D.
>> Is a professor of Astrology
>> Has done at least 10000 Consultations
>> Knows English & 1 More Foreign Language
>> Can Teach Astrology
>> Experience of 10 years in abroad
>> Living in abroad

>> Jyotish Acharya + Ph.D.
>> Is a professor of Astrology
>> Has done at least 5000 Consultations
>> Knows English & 1 More Foreign Language
>> Can Teach Astrology
>> Experience of 5 years in abroad
>> Living in abroad

>> Jyotish Acharya + Ph.D.
>> Is a professor of Astrology
>> Has done at least 1000 Consultations
>> Knows English
>> Can Teach Astrology
>> Experience of 4 years in abroad




Vedic Astrology & Horoscope

Houses of a Horoscope & Their meanings
One of 6 major parts of Veda. Astrology is called Jyotish in Sanskrit. Helps men to predict the influences of planetary movements on human life. A lot of work in ancient time. Indian Astrology is more concrete and serious and is called Vedic Astrology.

There six major parts of senses of Veda or are Vedangas:
1. Grammar as mouth
2. Astrology as eyes
3. Nirukta (Devotions or prayers) as ears
4. Kalpa (Rituals / Yagyas / Puja) as hands
5. General Education like Mathematics, physics, chemistry, Aryurveda, economics, politics and all others as nose
6. Music as feet

Horoscope: An introduction
The position of planets at the time of your birth. Sun Sign is very basic element and almost nothing in comparison to other horoscope calculations what is done and used in Vedic Astrology. Vedic Horoscope method defines each event with a period. In a horoscope there are several major calculations and predictions pattern. There are several calculations mandatory before making any prediction but most of the astrologers are not aware or are not in practice with it. However using all necessary calculations makes the prediction true, concrete and in depth but for this you really have to have an educated, intelligent, honest and efficient astrologer.
These are the basic calculations and analysis normally used by the astrologers -

Janmakundli, Dashvarga, Dasha and Transit, Some Rajyoga's
These are some advance calculations and analysis that you may get on papers printed by software but 495 out of 500 astrologers doesn't know what is this and how we calculate this.
>> Upgrah, Sandhi, Bhav, Shodhasvarga, Ashtakvarga, Rashmi Sadhan, Chardasha, 95% of Rajyoga, Anafadiyoga etc.

Ascendant, MoonSign, Birthsign, Sunsign & Signs

The orbit of a planet in which it revolvs round the Sun (Zodiac), is devided in 12 parts. These are called Signs. In each sign fall some stars and they make a specific figure like Ram, Bull etc and therefore they are named on that figure. This is not only a figures but the people influnced by that sign get the character of that fagure too.

Is the sign in which at the time of birth the Sun was moving. 1 Sign is for 1 month and therefore it is very basic and non-serious method of predictions.

Moonsign or Birthsign:
Is the sign in which the Moon at the time of birth was moving. 1 Moonsign is for around 56 hours and therefore this is a moderrate methode of predictions.

This is the sign of earth (eastern horizon) at the time of birth. It changes in hours. 1 sign can be from 30 minutes to 4 hours (considering polar countries) We again divide it in 60 parts in Shjashthyansh Kundli. This is the most minute method of predictions as Vedic Astrology always says that Ascendant is the top. However Moon and Sun are also considered for confirmation og outcome and should absolutely not be ignored.

Houses of a Horoscope & their meanings
The predictions in a horoscope are made on basis of the planets and corresponding houses. In a birth chart there are 12 houses. Based on the planets in those houses and character, strength and many other situations of the planets, it is defined how will be the outcome and when and what will happen. Predictions made just by houses are in 75% cases are either different or untrue. An astrologer needs detailed analysis of several thing before he confirms if the planets are really giving that much and that result. Houses and predictions are very complicated. Don't take risk, consult an educated practitioner for this.

Following are some major areas of life those are considered from a particular houses according to Vedic Astrology
1 Health, Person
2 Finance, Money
3 Abilities, Efforts
4 Properties, Travel
5 Love, Children
6 Enemy, Demerits
7 Spouse, Business
8 Life-span, Sex
9 Fate, Spirituality
10 Profession, Work
11 Income, Gains
12 Expenses, Losses

Some commonly used terms

Dasha or Planetary Periods
This is a system in which we consider at a time a planets and its influences. You have to have several Astrology Books practiced before making predictions. ..

Reading In a horoscope reading the astrologer interprets the horoscope for your whole life. The interpretation may be in short and may be in details but it goes always for the whole life. In a horoscope interpretation the astrologer analyses the horoscope first, then he tell the major events of the life with ups and downs, explains all the planetary periods of whole life, answers your questions and deals with remedy for present and future problems and desires. The interpretations and predictions could be as basic as you know the whole life in short with specification of years and can also be very detailed with specification of date ranges of the events. It all depends how scholar the astrologer is, how honest he is with your work and how much you pay him (of course !). A Horoscope Interpretation you get always in written. It could be from 1 to 500 pages depending what you choose.

Kundli Match
Kundli-Match or Marriage Compatibility is done to check whether 2 people are compatible to live together for life. There are several factors those work in this and it is as difficult as reading the wave lengths of an ECG. It has 2 kinds - Grah Melapan & Nakshatra Melapan. In Grah Melapan the planetary compatibility is checked while in Nakshtra Melapan the scores are checked. You need to have at least 20 out 36 to be compatible however 24 is good score. We see that knowing score is believed to be enough by astrologers and also the folk who believes that it knows a little. In fact a pare with 32 scores can also be rejected or have worse marital life a 17 scored pare can also be very happy in marital life. Be very serious for this and better pay to the astrologer for this life-time matter.

In a consultation that is offered in-person, on telephone, on live chat or via email, the astrologers answers your queries, gives advises and remedial suggestions. Ved Bhawan's every astrologer adapts the same rules of consultation, so you get a preview of coming 3 years, answers on all your questions, indication of possible events in coming 3 years and if required, Yagya Recommendation to keep your planets in harmony, to solve your problems and to help fulfilling your desires. Give the astrologer sufficient time for best outcome as in a short consult the astrologers get 20 minutes and those are not enough to study all the charts and make predictions. Be aware that an astrologer can say that you are going to have a lot of money but after studying the 40th chart he can change his opinion and can say that you are going to loose all whatever money you have at present.

A remedy is not meant to change your life without efforts. It works in 3 ways -
Remedy for planets - This filters evil planetary energies that affluence you. Then you will not be much bothered by the planets. But remember, remedy can't make your planets stronger or happier. This is fairy tale.
Remedy to prevent and cure problems - These help you when you attempt to prevent or cure problems.

Remedy to fulfil desires - These help you when you make your 100% efforts to achieve or gain something. It makes your targets closer, easier and stronger if you work in right manner for it. The strongest remedy is Yagya. It works through sound and has more reach and stronger effect. Read more about Yagya on our website - or An alternative of Yagya is Yantra. It works through magnetic energy and depends on medium. You can read more about Yantra on or The 2nd alternative of Yagya is Gemstone. It works through lights and spectrums but has several limitations and can also effect reverse. We do not deal with stones but you can get a Gems Recommendation by paying $100 and fully at your own risk. Moreover Gemstones can be mostly suggested for your good planets and that makes less sense. In a comparison, A Yagya effects you upto 95% while Yantra up to 40% and Gemstones upto 30%. Transits This is a method to make predictions according to planetary movements through the signs. In each house the planets give different result. The predictions and the results are not same as in birth chart. Transit is considered from Moonsign thus not from the Ascendant. Astrologers who do not have formal education of astrology (For example who have learnt it non-academically like from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan or ICAS or others. They are often confused and lost in 2 books - Brihatparashar en Phal Deepika) have learnt to count it from Ascendant what is neither classical nor good for correct predictions.

Muhurta It is an auspicous day/time that insures your success if you begin or do your important jobs with-in this time. It is recommended, traditional and is somehow comsulary for the whole spiritual community for marriages, secraments, travel etc but also in this modern time, for example for joining a job, applying for a job, for interview or for signing a contract. See the details on Don't get misunderstanding that a good day is good for everthting. A bad day for travel can be good day for marriage. ..

Kalsarpa Dosha
It is made of 2 words - Kal = Rahu and Sarpa = Ketu. When your planets get between Rahu and Ketu or between Ketu and Rahu (either way) then the planets loose their potency. Then even being good in horoscope this Kalsarpa Dosha doen't let you get the expected results. Don't have misunderstanding that if a planet is weak then it is neutral. You need to have good planets for being neutral and normal, a very good planet for being good and weak planets for being in bad situation. Doing remedy, specialy Yagya ( helps a lot for this but doen't change the horoscope. ..

Mangalik Dosha
Mars in 1,4,7,8,12 from the ascendant and/or Moon makes someone Mangalijk or causes Mangal Dosha. It means the person becomes the reason for the losses or death of the partner. Indeed it is not good but pretty 40% of the world pulation is Mangalik. The level of divorce is then also not less. There are several more regulations, exceptions and of course remedies. Yagya ( works a lot in this situation. ..

Shani / Saturn Sarhesati
Saturn moves 2.5 years in 1 sign. While it is in 12,1 and 2 it stays 7.5 years and this is called Sarhesati. The most ambitious period of life whether it is negative or positive. Consult a very good astrologer for this. Take it very seriously as Sarhesati spares no one whether you believe in it or not. Remedy, Yagya ( helps in this situation. ..

Remedy for the Planets
There are 3 authentic ways of remedy - Yagya, Yantra and Stones. Yagya ( is strongests, fastest and safest remedy. Then Yantra ( and then stones. Don't experiment yourself. Get help of a practotioner. ..

Marriage Blockking Dosha
These are hundreds of Yoga's in Vedic Astrology those cause some blocking in getting partner or getting married. Check with the astrologers if you are also among those people. ..

Raj Yoga
There are thousands of Raj Yoga those make someone King or alike. But one Raj Yoga is not enough form this, You will find several beggers on the road having horoscope with Rajyoga. It means either the planets are not strong enough to give result or they have no Raj yoga at all. For being a king or minister or alike, you need to have several working Raj-Yoga's. ..

Daridra Yoga / Kemdrum Yoga
There are also hundreds of Yagyas those make someone poor. It means whatever you earn, you can never be rich. Check with the astrologer. ..

Child Decapability / Bandhya Dosha
These are more than 500 planetary combinations those make someone childless. In some cases you can still get child. Check with some astrologers with advance knowledge. Yagya ( works very good in this situation for getting child or saving a child for example from miscarriage.


Kundli Match

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