Capsule Courses: To Learn Basic Hindi, Sanskrit, Astrology in literally 10 Days

Skype Lessons make learning from qualified teachers through the world affordable and comfortable as neither you nor the teacher needs to make long journeys for the lessons. These audiovisual Skype video lessons make it possible to learn a language or astrology, exercise conversations and mantras and anythings else that needs interaction with the teachers. The Skype lessons can be taken for all courses Ved Bhawan offers and can be taken 24 x 7 with appointment as long as your professor has time for you. It must be booked and paid in full.

Skype lessons are booked for Zero Lessons, for a Single Lesson or for a Full Course. The courses are rounded in 40 Skype lessons of 1.00 hour. You need on top of it 80 hours for homework and home study. As you pay for the time of professor, missing a lesson is missing your money.

You can't approach any professor just by calling us via Skype. They are only available by appointment. We don't approve any contact request if there is no booked lesson. If your calling number is not shown on Skype, your call will not reach to us. 

  • Item Code: SL111
  • Course Name: Home Lessons
  • Subject: Hindi / Sanskrit / Astrology / Karmakand  / Hinduism
  • Course Level: High School
  • Lessons: 1 Lessons of 1 hour.
  • Homework: 2 hours each lessons
  • Professor: Check List of Professors.
  • Minimum Qualification: High School
  • Minimum IQ Level: 110
  • Minimum age: 10 yrs
  • Maximum age: 70 yrs
  • Can start: Any day, any time, subject to the availability of the professor
  • Pre-qualification: Not required
  • Medium of lessons: English / Hindi
  • Customization: Possible
  • Target: Speaking, Writing, Reading & Understanding Hindi
  • Included: Alphabets, Grammar, basic texts, advanced texts, vocabulary, literature, news, dialogues, video, audio, conversation
  • Price per lesson: $150 Per Lesson
  • Price 20 Lessons: 2500 (Saving $500)
  • Full course of 40 Lessons: $4000 (Saving $2000)


Who will be the Professor ?
Our Professors are always a Post-Graduate and in most cases a PhD in the (relevant) subject from a recognized Indian (Sanskrit) University. They have at least 10 years experiences in teaching the subject. They are not only smart, modern, technologically up-to-date but are also flexible, friendly and smart in teaching. For Capsule Courses we select some of our top professors who are genius and who has participated in training of Rapid Learning Technology. To see who will be teaching in your area see here the List of Professors

Date, Time, Venue & Lessons
The Private Lessons are provided in major cities in more than 40 countries. Find out here if we provide these lessons in Your LocationHere you can also see the start date of courses at your location.

How to pay, book and avail service ?
Pay the cost by Credit Card, Paypal, Online Banking or by Deposit on our bank (Check all Payment Methods). When we receive your payment we automatically contact you with-in a few hours. To make a payment and book a lessons instantly you can also get help on live chat or on telephone.

How to prepare, Qualifications, Syllabus, Study Materials, Homework ?
Enroll as early as you know that you want to take lessons. It gives you time and possibility to get prepared and motivated for the lessons. After your enrollment we send you information how to prepare for the first lessons. Every course has some requirements and you need to prepare for that. However you can enroll even on the day before lessons start but we always advice to enroll at least 4 weeks in advance. Keep in mind learning letters, pronunciations and technical terms for the subject that you need to prepared before you come to first lesson. After enrollment you will be provided with the syllabus of the course however you can customized that as per your requirement or interest.

Technically being a High School student is enough to follow capsule Courses. However you must maintain an IQ level of 115 to be able to grasp a Rapid Lessons. Learning stamina, good memory, flexible tong, exercising skills, creativity and patience are required for these lessons.

The Course prices are never included anything else such as books or software. After enrollment you will get a list of required books that you will need to arrange. If you can't arrange at your own, Ved Bhawan can arrange them for you at your costs and without making any profit. Keep in mind that we use expensive couriers for faster delivery and the costs are passed to you.

In lessons you will not get any note from the professor. You should be prepared by book and note down the stuffs. You are required to revise them minimum 3 hours daily to understand, realize and memorize them and to make homework. Making homework is also very crucial. Text books are not fully used in lessons but you will need to read them at home. The lessons and their time are spent on key points, formulas, exercises, grammar, trainings and some (partial) literature.   

Ways of success ?
It will be foolish to say that in 10 days we will make you scholar but after having successfully completed 10 lessons, you will be able to speak, write and understand basic Hindi. Follows these tips for best results:

  • Don't miss lessons
  • Prepare in advance
  • Learn the letters in advance and before 1st lessons or else you will spend all lessons in learning letters
  • Revise the lessons at least 3 hours
  • Read the books at home and ask questions in the class
  • Don't expect that the lessons have sufficient time to read full texts and don't depend on it
  • If you miss a lesson, cover that by private lessons or by help of classmate
  • The professor is not supposed to repeat same stuffs more than 1 time
  • If you are weak, switch it over Private Lessons, so that you can work on weak point

Change, Cancellation, Refund ?
Enrollments can be changed for any course or any other person free of cost before 7 days of start of course. Thereafter a cancellation is subject to 100% penalty. If you don't appear in lessons, for any reason, it is your own loss. A refund is, be it partial or full, not possible. 

What I need for this ?

Help required ?
There are several methods to get help making payment, booking lessons or availing booked lessons. Such as:

  • Multilingual Live Chat (24 x 7. See live chat box on this page)
  • Telephones (24 x 7, English & Hindi): +1 646 395 9696 | +1 514 600 0056 | +44 20 8133 5343
    +61 2 8006 5100 | +81 50 5806 7400 | +91 70 4202 1626 | +49 69 5780 1942 | +33 1 7890 0436 
    +34 91 1980 0240 | +7 499 918 6514 | +27 21 813 6501 | +55 11 3042 2243
  • Skype: vedbhawan (24 x 7, Anonymous calls are rejected. Junk or marketing callers are blocked and reported)
  • Via E-Mail (Average Reply with-in 30 minutes. In any language, fill up this form)


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