Capsule Courses: To Learn Basic Hindi, Sanskrit, Astrology in literally 10 Days

High Capacity Yagyas High Capacity Yagyas

High Capacity Yagyas are Extremely Powerful Yagyas for faster and much bigger outcome. Explore here High Capacity Yagyas for Protections, Health, Finances, Property, Profession, Love, Family & Spiritual Power.

Vedic Yagyas Vedic Yagyas

Vedic Yagya (VY) are the the Packages of 2-3 Different Yagyas for 1 Purpose. For example, for health, money, business, carrier, professional, Love, Marriage, Protection, Problems & Desires. We combine 3 Yagyas together so that if one fails to work then another helps.

Astrology Consultations Astrology Consultations

Personal Consultations, Telephone Consultations, Live Consultations, Home Consultations and all other methods of consulting world's top Astrologers and Astrology Professors.

Astrology Services Astrology Services

Consultation with Astrology Professors, Home Consultations, Horoscope Readings, Analytical Horoscopes Reports, Compatibility Report, Muhurta, Birth Time Rectifications & Free Yagya Recommendations

Courses & Lessons Courses & Lessons

Group Courses are the courses given to the group of 4 to 15 students in our class-rooms in different countries. Ved Bhawan offers 5 Capsule Courses - Hindi, Sanskrit, Vedic Astrology, Karmakand & Hinduism.

Success Stories

High Capacity Yagya ...

This first HC Yagya worked wonders for me - one ...

Yagya Testimonial

"Hari Om dear respected Mr. ??????? ji, Thank you ...

Astrology ...

"I had a consultation with Dr. Bhagwat Thakur ...

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